Pathology Organizations & Residency Open House List

A number of national pathology organizations with an international presence are located in the United States. There are state pathology organizations as well. These are a great resource to attend national or state meetings for educational activities, present research and to meet fellow pathologists.

  Organization Websites
The American Board of Pathology   
Board of Certification
American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP)
College of American Pathologist (CAP)
Association of Pathology Chairs (Society of ’67) (APC)
Alabama Association Of Pathologists
American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science – Indiana (ASCLS _ IN)
American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science-New York (ASCLS-NY)
American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science-South Dakota (ASCLS-SD)
American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science-Tennessee (ASCLS-TN)
American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science-Virginia (ASCLS-VA)
Arizona Society of Pathologists (ASP)
California Clinical Laboratory Association (CCLA)
California Society of Pathologists (CSP)
Chicago Pathology Society (CPS)
Colorado Society of Clinical Pathologists (CSCP)
Colorado Society of Histotechnology (CSH)
Florida Association of Medical Examiners (FAME)
Florida Society of Pathologists (FSP)
Houston Society of Clinical Pathologists (HSCP)
Ibero-American Academy of Pathology and Oral Medicine
Illinois Society of Pathologists (ILSP)
Indiana Association of Pathologists, Inc. (IAP)
Iowa Association of Pathologists (IAP)
Los Angeles Society of Pathologists, Inc. (LASOP)
Louisiana Society of Pathologists (LSP)
Maryland Society of Pathologists (MSP)
Massachusetts Society of Pathologists (MSP)
Michigan Society of Pathologists (MSP)
Mid Atlantic Pathologists Assistants (MAPA)
Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists (MAFS)
Minnesota Society of Pathologists (MSP)
Mississippi Association of Pathologists (MSAP)
Missouri Society of Pathologists (MSP)
Montana Society of Pathologists (MSP)
Nebraska Association of Pathologists (NAP)
New England Pathology Associates
New Jersey Society of Pathologists (NJSP)
New York Path Society (NYPath)
New York State Society of Pathologists (NYSSPath)
North Carolina Society of Pathologists (NCSP)
Ohio Society of Pathologists (OSP)
Oklahoma State Association of Pathologists (OSAP)
Oregon Pathologists Association
Pacific Northwest Society of Pathologists (PNWSP)
Pathologists Assistants of New England (PANE)
Pennsylvania Association of Pathologists (PAP)
San Antonio Society of Pathologists (SASP)
South Bay Pathology Society (SBPS)
South Carolina Society of Pathologists (SCSP)
Southern California Academy of Oral Pathology (SCAOP)
Texas Association for Clinical Laboratory Science (TACLS)
Texas Society of Pathologists (TSP)
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
University of Nebraska Medical Center
United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP)
Virginia Society for Pathology (VSP)
Washington State Society of Pathologists (WSSP)
West Virginia Association of Pathologists
Wisconsin Society of Pathologists (WSP)

Residency Open Houses – MATCH 2021

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